Hydro Protectors Unite

Hydro Protectors

So you purchased a Hydro Flask to protect your icy cold water on a hot sunny beach and hot coffee while traversing your favorite snow packed mountain, but what protects your Hydro Flask? Let's face it, we all remember with sparkling clarity, when we first dropped our beloved Hydro Flask and dented it. I was like many of you, upset and disappointed, so upset in fact that I immediately started researching protective covers for my Hydro, but was thoroughly disappointed with the options that were before me. All the sleeve protectors on the market covered up the entire bottle. Not in a million years would I cover up my Hydro Flask beyond recognition, so at that time I knew I needed to take action. It was soon after I realized I was not alone, there were many like me in this similar situation.  

Come and join us, united we stand.

Our Company

Hydro Protector is a small company that has one goal. Make every one of our customers happy and that’s the honest truth. It’s also true that we are addicted to our Hydro Flasks. So much now that we just about have every bottle there is and we color code our clothing to our bottle’s color. Yes, we probably need to seek help. Now we may not have this in common, but what we do have in common is when we dented our Hydro flasks for the first time we were probably upset or disappointed. Now if you haven’t already dented your Hydro flask, then stop reading this and hurry up and get your own Hydro Protector Wrap ordered because you’re pushing your luck without protection.  

I bet you we have another thing in common, we both can remember the first time we dropped our Hydro Flask and dented it. It is especially clear for me, being that I was so meticulous with my Hydro Flask. It was a very sad day for me when I first dropped my Hydro, I was so upset that I immediately after dropping it got online and started looking for some kind of protective sleeve. After spending a few hours online researching I was left disappointed with what was available. It seemed like every protective sleeve out there was generic and covered up the logo. I knew then I needed to create my own protective sleeve.  

It was with the feedback and suggestions of many Hydro Flask users like yourself that gave rise to the Hydro Protector Wrap. It was specifically engineered and tailored to encompass structural support while providing a minimalistic feel and look. What was unexpected though, was the increased ability to now mix and match different colors to create an even more individual expression of your Hydro Flasks look. Not only can you feel relieved knowing your Hydro Flask is protected, but you can now enjoy a different colored Hydro Flask without the hit to your wallet and having to purchase a different Hydro Flask.   

Remember, the most important thing to us, is your happiness and we’ll do anything within our ability to make that happen. Please contact us with any new ideas and improvements you’d like to see, and we’ll get working on it. Thank you so much!

Stephen Culp